Little update.
As for the whole "I wanna try a roleplay" thing, I finally sucked it up and joined one. stcullen_rpg, a multifandom AU vampire/school roleplay, as Autor. Looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

I'd just like to say...
...sorry about my inactivity, and Raz's in advance, though he was going to post pretty much the same apology on his own thing. Circumstances, y'know. In both our cases, we're busy. In mine, well... I'll just say crap happens for now. He's better at just swimming through it than me.

...Dammit, I want to try a roleplay...

My Stampings
As a rating community addict...

Autor/Fakir at tutu_rating.
Yamato Ishida at digi_rating.
- Tailmon is my Digimon-self.
- Impmon is my Digimon.
- Virus: Holy Knight is my type.
Victor Niguel at caduceus_rating.
Meg at keybladerating.
- Roxas is my antagonist-self.
Vexen at o13_identity.
William Birkin at residenterating.
- Steve Burnside and William Birkin are my secret parents.
- Albert Wesker is my rival.
- Leon Kennedy is my romantic match.
Scar at disney_villainy.
- My Lullaby is my song.
Russia at hetalia_rate.
- England is my romantic match.
- Austria is my lookalike.
- Austria to daemonraz's Hungary.
Umbreon at pokedex_stamps.
Kureno Sohmna (Male)/Isuzu "Rin" Sohma (Female) at furuba_rate.
Legion at me_stamping.
- Mordin Solus is my romantic match.
- Samara is my best friend.
Wynne at da_stamping.
- Wynne is also my lookalike.
Severus Snape at slugandjiggers.
Emily Prentiss at cminds_ratings.
At vgames_stamps:
- Aveline Vallen from Dragon Age.
- Phoebe from Harvest Moon.
- Thane Krios from Mass Effect.

Meladee from Brave Story at vgamesmirror.
- Lucian is my Pokemon-trainer-self.
- Jolteon is my Pokemon partner.
- Mortal Kombat: Deception is my game of origin.
- Commander John Shepard from Mass Effect is my romantic match.
- Sho Minamimoto is my TWEWY-self.
Mao Kujou from MiXiM at animangamirror.
- Ergo Proxy is my series of origin.
- Dark-Type Pokemon trainer.

Will continuously update as, of course, I get more.

Now to kick this off the ground.
I've got this thing, might as well use it, right?

Sooo... I'm Blue da ba dee da ba die. That's my name - Blue. Fan of Arrancar, Akatsuki, Wammy Boys and Kiras, Princes and Ravens and everything in between, Wrights and Gavinners, descendants of Asclepius, paradise wolves, and countless other things. Like everyone else. ;3

Fan of Garbage and admirer of the goddess Shirley Manson, and fan of Billy Talent, MCR, Mindless Self Indulgence, AFI, all kinds of bands.

Fan of crossplay.

Fan of writing, dance, theater, music in all its forms, art in every incarnation.

Bass player for RFV - don't bother looking it up, as we're far from off the ground. Likes to play flamboyant opera and video game songs on keyboard now and then.

Believes art is a bang that is captured for eternity.

Student and hating it, but pulling through best I can.

The two best friends I have, will have, and can possibly every have are daemonraz (Femio) and lady_saru365 (Mrs. Coulter and the Ikkaku/Klavier to my Yumi/Daryan).

A mod of caduceus_rating. And iam_the Autor (Princess Tutu) of Livejournal.

Annnd them's the basics.

See ya round.


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