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Fable Meme - Why not?
This was at fable_... One of the games I'm into right now, so... Again, why not?


1. Which Fable game did you play first?
First, 'course.

2. Which Fable game is your favorite?
Second by far.

3. Best Fable system: X-Box, PC, or X-Box 360?
Ehh. *shrug* I haven't played it on PC, and XBox vs. XBox 360 means talking about two different games.

4. What is your path: Good, Evil, or Neutral?
Whatever I like/would normally do. =D Therefore leaning towards neutral-good.

5. Which 'narrator' do you prefer? The Guildmaster or Theresa?
Theresa by far.

6. Map or dog?
My doggy. *grabs and hugs close*

FABLE / FABLE: TLC [Tender lovin' care]

1. Who is your favorite character?
Briar Rose = badass chick with glasses. >=<

2. Kill Whisper or spare her?
Spare her. I couldn't bring myself to kill the childhood friend.

3. Kill Thunder or spare him?
Depends on my mood when I get to that point. XD Thunder irritates me. Especially with the way he's pissed and wants WARRR no matter what your choice is regarding Whisper. Kill her = "How dare you kill my sister? I want REVENGE!" *punch* Spare her = "How dare you disgrace my sister? I want REVENGE!" *punch*
...Shaolin Soccer reference FTW. But really, man, what do you want us to do? Mortally wound her and hightail it out of there a la Revenge of the Sith?

4. Kill Briar Rose or spare her?
Let her live. I like 'er.

5. Kill the Guildmaster or spare him?
Spare, only because, well, you never know what the repercussions will be for killing someone important. (But watch the bottom of the Fable II loading screens... victory is sweet.)

6. What do you do in Lady Grey quest? Do you marry her? Do you avenge her sister? Do you marry her for money and then divorce her?
I despise her and usually end up leaving the quest hanging. X_X My plan at some point was to marry her, take all her goods, and take her someplace to die, but eh.

7. Destroy Jack's mask or let him consume you?
Destroy, 'cause anything relating to Jack of Blades gives me the creeps. O_O His eyes are just... not right.

8. Any other thoughts on Fable or Fable: The Lost Chapters?


1. Is little Sparrow a girl or a boy?

For me, a girl. I guess I might try a boy at some point, but in all three of the games I have, Sparrow's a girl.

2. Do you think Theresa has ulterior motives? Or is she a good-guy?
EVERYONE has ulterior motives.

3. Be honest, the final fight? Disappointed or happy with it?
Frickin' awesome/epic scene. When you're not the one who does the killing, at least. XD
Oh. *looks down at the next question* Speaking of which.

4. Does Reaver need to go die in a fire or is he awesome?
Awesome as they come. Lulz lyk look ppl its Arrancar!Yumi or Ravensblood!Femio. He reminds me of a... certain someone I know, for one thing. X_X And you know what, even when he does something to piss me off, I just can't get mad at him. "He was going to betray me... right when I was going to betray you!"
But, yeah. Reaver for the win.

5. What about Lady Grey? Give her to the gravekeeper or keep her for yourself?
Give her to the gravekeeper. I still can't bring myself to like her, even if this time around she seriously falls in love with you instead of being drawn to your fame.

6. Do you feel a little bad for Lucien? At all?
Absolutely not. I don't really give him much thought, I admit, unless he's onscreen. And his whole "You think you're the only one to experience loss?" speech failed to get to me. At the moment I wasn't angry about Rose anymore. I was angry because the jerk shot my dog and kidnapped my fweinds. =P

7. What is your opinion on the Court of Blades? Their lack of appearance in Fable II?
I didn't have much of an opinion of them, apparently, seeing as I didn't remember them until you mentioned them just now. X_X

8. Who do YOU think is the person that is with Rose in the 'Love' ending?
No idea. I thought Lucien at some point, but changed my mind.

9. Sacrifice, Love, or a HELLA LOTTA GOLD?
Love. I'm never leaving my doggy. -_-

10. Any extra thoughts on Fable II?
Not that comes to mind.

EXTRA CREDIT: What kind of deli meat is Lucien?
AhhWTH I just like the way it sounds. *dies*


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